Life on Reidy Street: A Sonny Delight and Millie Moo Day

I wish I could bottle the conversations between two year olds Sonny and Millie on a SD and MM Day.

First, they are in the bath when I hear Sonny say, ‘Look, Millie.” I glance across to see Sonny pulling up his willy to expose the underside of his scrotum, upon which there is a tiny scar (the remains of his ‘chicken pops’ the other week).


Millie is peering at the offending spot, her nose about a cm from it. “Hmmm….,” she says, considering it for a few seconds, then, like a concerned GP, she asks sensitively, “is it itchy, Sonny?”  Yes, says Sonny, nodding miserably. Millie, fed up with this activity and anxious to set the wind up duck going, says brusquely, “well, scratch it then.”  She turns away and Sonny, realises this is the end of the consultation, lets go of his willy and picks up the watering can….

Ready to go
Ready to go

Later, off to Sainsburys with Grandad, Lianne and daddy/uncle Joe.  Sonny, marching ahead, turns to Millie and asks, with an air of superiority, “Do you know where we’re going, Millie?”  Millie stares at him, ‘Yes,” she says confidently, “we’re going to Raspberries.” After a few seconds of looking slightly confused, Sonny agrees, ‘That’s right Millie,” he says with a nod, “we’re going to Raspberries.” So we do.

In Raspberries
In Raspberries

On the way home there is some discussion on lunch. “My having cheese on toast with dippies,*” announces Millie.  Sonny looks puzzled, “Not dippies,” he says, “it’s smackeroo.*” There is a stand off.  Sonny says, “My have cheese on toast too?” Millie looks at him solicitously, “Of COURSE you can, darling,” she tells him.

Back home there is an awful smell emanating from one of them. “OK,” says grandma, “who’s trumped?” “Millie,” says Sonny. “Sonny,” says Millie.  Another stand off.  I love my SD and MM Days…..


* tomato sauce of course

Life on Reidy Street: A Sonny Delight and Millie Moo Day

2 thoughts on “Life on Reidy Street: A Sonny Delight and Millie Moo Day

  1. Sharon says:

    Smackeroo of course!! Still can be heard in our household too! I wish I could go round wired up to listen to the conversations of Boo with other members of the family and friends. I stand aghast and her command of the English language at two. I listen with amazement with her bringing, laughter, joy and the often proud tearXx

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  2. I agree, Sharon, we see Millie and Sonny once a week, usually, and we were only saying yesterday how they progress, week by week. Their conversations really are amazing, funny, profound even, but, of course, you never catch them for posterity, because you would, as you say, have to be constantly wired up. Lovely, precious memories though. X


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