After the Rain

It had rained miserably all day, I’d been stuck in editing and was bored and restless when suddenly, through the slatted blinds, seeped a gentle, mellow light.  I scoop up cameras, boots and hat, grab my car keys and drive five minutes up the coast. I spend an hour on this near deserted beach, lost in thought, discovering glistening pebbles, sun drenched rags  and pools of water reflecting cloudy skies.  I watch as, in the distance, dogs bound across the sand, leaping for balls and sticks thrown high by their more leisurely owners. Tiny figures transform into silhouettes as the sun dips low over the sea and the early evening light turns a misty gold. It’s bitterly cold, but my fingers keep pressing the shutters. This is Blackpool. My cameras are full of undiscovered treasures and, at this moment, for this short hour my happiness is complete.

DSC_6422 DSC_6403 DSC03246DSC_6466-2 DSC_6395 DSC03263 DSC03274 DSC_6415 DSC_6384DSC03948DSC03285DSC_6436DSC_6440DSC_6468-2

After the Rain

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