A Proper Blackpool Afternoon

It was only an hour, killing time whilst I waited to pick up a print.  I wandered onto the pier, which was full of early season punters, I spotted the donkeys in the distance through the railings; I watched as families played and kids dug in the sand; dogs ran for frisbees; the big wheel turned slowly, mostly empty; the wurlitzer spun with its sole couple screaming, old men sat with mugs of tea and doorstep sandwiches; the steps, still wet from the sea, became makeshift seats, the sun shone and it looked like summer was on its way.  It was a proper Blackpool afternoon

DSC05222  DSC06007 DSC06017DSC06133 DSC06053 DSC06054 DSC06059 DSC06061DSC06041 DSC06064 DSC06073 DSC06080 DSC06082 DSC06084 DSC06094 DSC06109 DSC06120 DSC06130

A Proper Blackpool Afternoon

One thought on “A Proper Blackpool Afternoon

  1. Mary Carrington says:

    I love all these pics, they are such a graphic representation of the popular seaside in lovely sunny weather. Well done sweetheart …XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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