Some Like it Hot

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Love.”

DSC05129It’s a funny thing, this ‘love business’  It’s not all kissing and canoodling, despite what we hear.

I was wandering about with my camera on holiday, observing the people on the beach.  There were young couples everywhere, arms and legs thrown across each other, sweet nothings being whispered in ears, little pecks on the cheek or mouth or neck.  The heat was having its desired effect.

I watched the couple in the picture for several minutes.  No kissing or caressing for them.  She spent some minutes examining his face, running her hands over his cheeks and forehead, before forming her fingers into a pincer movement and going in for a spot on his chin.  He seemed quite happy for her to continue grooming him whilst he soaked up the sun.  At least, I didn’t stay long enough to see whether he objected.

Now that’s what I call true love….

Some Like it Hot

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