Seaside Towns Out of Season, Day Four: Recharging the Batteries

I don’t know whether it was the shock of the alarm jolting me out of a deep sleep at the ungodly hour of 6.30am or the fact that I was behind the wheel and, like a zombie, setting the Satnav only thirty minutes later, but this morning was the first in two weeks that I suddenly realised, after I’d been driving for an hour that I ACTUALLY FELT OK. The rain might be battering the windscreen but inside the car all was calm.

Today was not so much about capturing images, more about getting home and recharging batteries – cameras, phone, laptop and, most importantly, my own.

How the trip from Scarborough took me five hours I’ll never know. Admittedly I did take a last minute swerve into Sainsbury’s when the lumbering truck of hay bales I’d been following for the past few miles showed no signs of turning off on the farm track I’d pinned my hopes on. This was a wise move, as not only was I rewarded with a bowl of the most delicious porridge and mug of freshly brewed coffee, but by the time I’d finished (and resisted the urge to have a quick wander down the clothes aisles) the hay truck had trundled off and the worst of the works traffic had dissipated.


A quick glance at Google Maps tonight confirms the fact that I’ve completed the most circuitous route possible across country from east to west, and despite my speedometer showing 70mph most of the way, my elementary maths tells me that travelling 157 miles in 5 hours gives me an average speed of approximately 31mph…..


Thank goodness for Chris Evans, Ken Bruce and the drama of the Oscars last night.

Having finally landed in Blackpool my afternoon was filled with unpacking, uploading images, and persuading the lovely man at Airbnb that I was due a refund for the missed booking. Happily he agreed.

I’m feeling a bit precious about the images I’ve shot so far. I always find it SO difficult to cull, conjuring up reasons why I might need that picture of yet another seagull on yet another beach in yet another sunset

However, I shall be revealing some of my favourite images in due course. Just keep watching this space.

In the meantime I’m planning two days of rest and relaxation before embarking on Road Trip Part Two.

Seaside Towns Out of Season, Day Four: Recharging the Batteries

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