Bury Market – the best oranges in town.


Bury Market with Two of the Golden Girls (and a camera)

A day of laughter, tears, gossip, food, drink and sneaky photography.  Street photography is what I like best, and Bury Market is a street photographer’s paradise.  Camera around neck, shooting from the waist, I don’t think Granny P or Mrs G even realised what was going on as my eyes flitted backwards and forwards and my thumb jabbed away at the shutter.  For me, the excitement is in the first viewing.  You know you’re obsessive when you arrive home starving, dying for a wee and desperate for a coffee, bypass your husband who you’ve not seen for ten hours, take the stairs, two at a time and insert the memory card into that slot before you even say hello. First batch, “The Make Up Stall.” DSC03515DSC03511DSC03516DSC03508 DSC03513 DSC03512DSC03506 DSC03504